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Hi everyone! I’m so so sorry about the wait on all of this. I’m creating the list of winners to turn in staring right now and they should get to you soon! Darian is right...I have been dealing with various health and personal issues and just have had a rough go of it for a while now. See,s like as soon as one thing gets better, something new knocks me back down. But it’s still not fair that you all had to wait so long for your prizes. It won’t happen again.

If anyone has had had any changes to your addresses or anything please send me a pm. The diamond prizes should be getting to you within a few days. And the t-shirts and stickers shouldn’t be long after.

Thank you for all the kind words and support and patience. You are why this community means so much to me!
*Snooks’ hugs!* Thanks Rain, no worries. Sorry you’ve been having a rough time, and I’m glad you’re able to keep organizing some extra fun around here, in spite of the challenges. Thoughts & prayers & best wishes heading your way.