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Thread: Crimson Fog - Elite TH12 clan recruiting

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    Cool Crimson Fog - Elite TH12 clan recruiting

    Hello! If you're a competitive TH12 and you're looking for a new home, then you've come to the right place! Crimson Fog is a TH12 only clan (there are a few below TH12 who we allowed to stay after announcing our transition to an all 12 clan) and we compete in competitive wars such as ESL (for cash prizes), NDL, and EWL!

    We are seeking:

    • un-rushed, active TH12s
    • Must be willing to regularly use discord chat
    • be eager to compete at the highest levels of clash

    We offer:

    • Traditional league play (EWL starting soon)
    • esport opportunities (cash prizes won in 2 tournaments already)
    • A place to improve attack and defense skills
    • always completed clan games
    • soon to be Champions league in clan war league
    • many resources in discord
    • alliance events
    • structure and strong leadership. over 4.5 years running with no breaks, no rebuilds, and with the same leaders
    • and more...!

      So, if you're interested and would like to chat, slide into our discord server (below) and lets see if you're a good fit! We don't accept in-game applications unless we've talked in discord first!

      Not a TH12? slide into our discord anyway, our alliance has lots of great clans accepting a wide range of players!


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    Clan War League starts soon, still room for more 12s on the roster as we push into Champs 3!

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    Still looking for some serious players! ��

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    Good morning! Still looking for an all TH12 clan war league lineup? Shoot us a message!

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    Clan war league spin has begun, but our doors are still open to new recruits!

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    committed with a clan for Clan War League, but unhappy with the clans performance? Bookmark us and check us out after this season of scCWL ends!

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    Clan war league is coming to an end, and we're looking to bring in some more TH12s for EWL! stop on into our discord server

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    Nows the perfect time to join up!

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    Daily bump, Let me know here if you have any questions

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    daily bump

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