Hillbillyís Hangout looking for new members. Level 90 & up

Hillbillyís Hangout

We are a group of ladies who have been playing together for at least 5 years. We are currently looking to add new players to our hood. We Like derby and want to place in the top 3 every week. Laid back, chatty and like to have fun. However, drama and talk of politics is not allowed. This will get you booted. We are helpful to one another. So sharing is a must.

We do have a few rules...

Serious players only

Prefer English Speaking

Adults Only

Must be at least 18 years old. Sorry kids 😊

Minimum Level Required

You must be at least level 90

Derby Rules

320 point task only. Also, depending on the derby type, 400 point tasks are required.
10th task is required
Select another task once you are finished with one


Be active in Town. This helps you and hood members during derby.


Sharing is always good thing. Offer or ask if other players need anything. This goes a long way. Also, donít be hesitant to ask for help.

Thatís it! Nothing too crazy. Again, we like to have fun and chat. If you think this is the hood for you, come on by!

Hillbillyís Hangout #UVRUUY9