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Thread: Serious war clan on Rebuild Mode....Clan lvl16 wanna help just Apply!!!!!

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    Serious War Clan ,,,Looking for loyal and non rushed active players!

    #SeriousWarClan #NonRushed only #Maxed bases
    War Record:483W/132L/21D

    Clan Name: Dogwood Rebels
    Clan tag: #9GCL2CGV
    Clan Level: 16

    The Clan is a Serious War clan....
    Looking for Active,Loyal,Nonrushed players!!!!!!!!!
    Wanna help Us just join and play wars..

    Th7 k 5
    Th8 k 10
    Th9 k 20 q 20
    Th10 k 30 q 35
    Th11 k 40 q 45 w 15

    Apply:Send application ingame mentioning from Discord or Forum

    Or can pm me up here or on discord id-Vicky15#9431

    Or join our discord chat:

    NO hoppers
    NO War Timers
    NO Rushers
    Never Ask for Co or elder they are earned
    Never Spam in chat
    Donate what is asked,Wrong Donation equal to Expel
    Clan Games is Must,Every player must have 1k+

    We trying to Make a CWL team you can join too......
    Thank you

    By Vicky
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    Looking for War players....Today

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    Today still looking for some war players...and for cwl

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    We looking for some cwl high th players apply soon....

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    To join pls Request in coc..
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    In 1 day we gonna start the cwl so join us if wanna participate need only non rushed players!!!!!

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    Invite me

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    Tonight cwl starts so maxed and loyal players can try to send us some sure you ll be one of them!!!!

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    Looking for Serious war players..should be loyal/nonrushed and maxed ths are welcome...apply now!!!!!

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    todays out of rebuild state looking for th10+ who looking for serious wars

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