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Thread: Th 10 all maxed but walls

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    Th 10 all maxed but walls

    Number th 12 should be 15+

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    We offer a clan for anyone

    50vs events

    League Play

    Active social

    Team work

    Looking for players that need a clan. We have 20plus to choose from

    Join our discord today


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    Cornwall's war#80QJVP9G

    Check us out

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    Join @

    WTFBBQ (#2CRL080Y) is recruiting!

    We are a level 18/champs III league, "casual" war clan; too sexy for our shirts and hellbent on CoC destruction! Losing a war isn't the end of the world but we are a strong group that follow a war plan. We usually match tough opponents and thrive on the challenge - with an 80% win ratio and 570+ wins, it should be clear that we know what it takes to be victorious in war. We war 3x/week (spin on Sun/Tues/Fri) except during Clan War League events or the occasional Potluck. We are 100% fair play - no modding, botting, etc. is allowed. Also, we do not take in engineered bases so if engineering is your thing, please don't waste your time or ours.
    Minimum hero requirements for our main clan are as follows:
    TH10 – 70 combined
    TH11s - 100 combined
    TH12s - 120 combined

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    Hello! and thank you for taking the time to look at my post. I am a co-leader of Legend's Swarm, a level 12 clan that has been together 5 years now. We have become a close knit family over these years, and are looking to add more players to our family. We are currently have about 15 open spots in the clan, and we would love to have you. The members are very close, friendly, active, and love to war.

    What we offer:
    • An optional chat outside clash of clans in an app called LINE. We discuss both clash of clans and daily life in this chat.
    • Lots of War- We currently war about 2 times a week, and participate in every CWL. Warring is by no means required. However if you do war taking all attacks is required.
    • Maxed out clan games every single time
    • Room for friends- Have friends who wants to join a clan with you? Feel free to bring them along as well! The more the merrier!
    • High Level troops- We have many players who can donate max troops, especially things like wizards as nearly everyone can donate max
    • A wide variety of players- Not only do we have players ranging from TH12 to TH6, but we have a range of time zones as well. The majority of our players come from either, London, or the United States, but we have players from all over the world.
    • A friendly, warm welcome from us. We pride ourselves on welcoming new members and accommodating them to the clan family as quickly as possible.
    Contacting Us: Does our clan sound like the perfect fit for you? There are multiple ways to contact us.

    • Send a request to join the clan! This is the easiest way as any member can accept you into the clan. Let us know you are from the forums in the request! Clan ID: #2YLQVG90 Clan Name: Legend's Swarm.
    • Reply to this letting me know you want to join! I'll talk to you giving you any additional info you want, or anything else you need!
    • Line- As mentioned before, this is the chat app we use to communicate with each other, as this app gives alerts when a message is sent, thus making it great for wartime. Feel free to add me there ID: Uberlulks, and i will be happy to either provide additional information to you or add you to both the clan chat as well as the clan.

    Once again thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to have you in the clan soon!!!!

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    Hello mate, looking for a clan to stay?
    I'm from Invictus Fire, Level 17 clan.
    Clan Tag - #202GYVYRC

    You can join the clan for CWL and more!

    We have a few rules here and we want you to download a messaging app called LINE we use to communicate. Will you do so?☺

    Ready to read some rules? It's pretty basic and standard stuff. Mostly revolving around War. You ready? ��

    1. Donate only what is requested by members. Carefully read their requests.��

    2. NON-WAR requests must have loon, wiz, giant, minion, archer. No specific levels unless for war.��

    3. For GUESTS, give wam or what they request. If request any, give any. Request ground, give ground, etc..��

    4. Be active and raid often. Donate & Request 3K each per season.��

    5. Clan is doing optional wars. Opt IN only if you can have all heroes. Missing attacks will result in a kick/demotion.��

    6.Leaving is allowed only during the last 2 days of season. Be back before new season starts.��

    7. Download full version of messenger app called LINE (mandatory) to join our clan. Search my ID "barneyystinsonn" to find me.����

    Take a minute to review and let us know if you agree or have questions.������

    If you agree to these rules, apply directly to the clan and join LINE. Hope to see you soon mate.

    Best Regards,
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