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Thread: ⚜️ LEVEL 17 WAR CLAN ⚜️ Master League 1 ⚜️ Join Sundown Revolt!⚜️

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    ⚜️ LEVEL 17 WAR CLAN ⚜️ Master League 1 ⚜️ Join Sundown Revolt!⚜️

    Welcome to Sundown Revolt! A level 17 UK war clan!

    Recruiting strong and active players between Town Hall 11 & 12 or looking for a smaller clan to merge with us. We have room for ~20 members.

    Current clan level: 17
    War frequency: War search commences Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday nights 8pm UK time
    Location: UK primarily, but our members are from all over. No location requirements!
    Clan tag: #9V9CQV2V
    War stats: 512 wins and counting...

    You can view our clan stats, here:

    We are currently in the process of rebuilding the clan after a bunch of players split off from the clan. We are welcoming of Town Hall 10 and upwards, but the preference would be for Town Hall 12s for Clan War League.

    If you have a smaller clan, or a clan in the process of rebuilding and you would like to merge with us, get in touch!

    We use discord for all things clan related, such as tracking war stats, viewing upgrade progress of your base and requesting troops if no one is about. You can check us out on Discord if you wish:

    Clan Rules

    Just be a decent member. We're quick to promote good clan mates. Those who donate, participate in Clan War League, and who complete clan games are often made Elder. Co-leaders currently work on a one-in and one-out basis. We've just lost 4 so there's room for more.

    Apply in game or here in this thread with a couple of details if you're interested. If you come to the clan, mention me and the forum so we know you're not spying from an opposition war clan. Alternatively, just join the Discord and come say hi.

    Look forward to going to war with you!

    Aldam, Leader of Sundown Revolt!
    A|dam, leader of SunDown Revolt!

    Are you interested in joining a level 17 clan in Master League 1? Read here:;%EF%B8%8F

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    How about a maxed th 10 except walls?

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