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Thread: Lvl 17, Dad's Army: laid-back war clan looking for TH10+

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    Lvl 19, Dad's Army: laid-back war clan looking for TH11+

    Dad's Army #89V828P is a friendly all adult level 19 clan who love to war, and like to win. But with a laid-back attitude.

    Max tier are reached in every clan game!
    We always participate in CWL.

    We are what you might call a 'semi-serious' clan. What I mean by this is that while we have a full-on stiffy for clash of clans, we are semi-hard in our approach to war. No external apps required. Just pay attention to recent chat, flagged bases, and listen to the co-leaders. No one is going to have a fit at you for a failed attack.

    We only have 2 rules:
    1) if you opt in to war you must use both attacks and have heroes awake
    2) be active in clan games and donations

    The age range in the clan is around 25-55 and is a mixture of mostly UK, US, and India based members. We comprise of mainly TH12-13 with a few TH11s and couple of lower TH levels.

    We war constantly (back to back), there is no pressure to take part if you require a break or you are upgrading. However, if you dont war you can compensate by donating troops to your clanmates(having a positive donation ratio). Our curent wars runs with 10-20 players and we would like a few more bloodthirsty warriors for bigger wars.

    Every troop donated during war is Max Level.

    I like to to think what we offer is a clan that can accommodate the average adult clasher who has a real life outside of the game but likes to clash when time allows.

    If you like the sound of us then come check us out, we don't bite. We recruit only from forums, so when applying please state: you saw us on forum, your age, and where are you from example :"Forums, age 22, Spain"

    If you get rejected that means you are very rushed.
    Dad's Army
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