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Thread: Insanity Nation Forever! ClanTag: #URRJULLR

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    Insanity Nation Forever! ClanTag: #URRJULLR

    Insanity Nation

    Clan Level 10

    Clan Tag: #URRJULLR

    Est. April 24, 2018

    Welcome everyone!

    It is my pleasure to invite each of you to be a part of Insanity Nation! ✊✊✊

    This is a chill clan for Mature Players Only. The main goal is for everyone to become stronger together. We try our best to work as a unit to achieve our goals and we have proven to be able to accomplish certain feats such as going 7-0 in Clan War Leagues.


    Here is a quick overview of our clans requirements so you know what you are getting into if you decide to join our Infamous Nation

    Multiplayer Leagues

    • Members must always be in a league to show that they are active.


    • Members must make sure that the number of troops donated either equals to or exceeds the number of troops received. This is to keep up on donations and activity as a unit.

    Clan Games

    • Members must make at least a minimum amount of points in clan games that will be designated by leaders of the clan.

    War and War Leagues

    • Members have a choice to either opt in or out of war participation using the profile button. If a member decides to opt in for war, they must do All Attacks. If an attack is missed, a member must notify a leader as to the reason for a missed attack in order to avoid potential consequences. We understand things happen.


    • Promotions are earned. Do not ask for a promotion because it will not be given until earned. Activity, Time in Service, Time in Grade, Donations, Using all attacks, and Completing Clan Games all play a part in promotion consideration.

    Final Notes

    We work with all base types, whether your rushed or not, whether you're experienced or new, it doesn't matter as long as you meet our requirements.

    We strive to help each other out whenever and however we can. If advice or anything is needed, do not hesitate to ask a leader. There is no such thing as a stupid question so if you have a question, we will try our best to provide an answer.

    We know that we all have lives and as such, life comes first.

    How to Join:

    In order to be part of our Nation, you can use this link:

    Insanity Nation

    while on your Clash of Clans device or
    just enter our Clan Tag #URRJULLR in the Clan Search Bar and Request an invite to Insanity Nation. We have a White design on a Black background.

    We always look forward to meeting all new members and thank you for taking the time to check our post out.

    Insanity Nation Forever!

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    I hope everyone is having a good day!

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    It's time to kick @$$ and chew bubblegum, except, I'm all out of gum...
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    The letter of today is....3. Can anybody guess why?

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    What uuuuuup

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    I hope everyone had a good Clan War Leagues run xD

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    You know what time it is.

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    Just in time for clan games. Few spots left.

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    Had a great clan games xD

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    Just in time for Clan War Leagues. Come on in before the fun begins!

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