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Thread: Basilisk's Apex |Adult War Clan looking for ACTIVE members | #VPU9YU2C

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    Cool Basilisk's Apex |Adult War Clan looking for ACTIVE members | #VPU9YU2C

    Basilisk's Apex |Adult War Clan looking for active members | #VPU9YU2C

    Basilisk's Apex (Currently at Level 10 and in Crystal League in CWL)


    About Us

    We are a new clan formed on Jan 22, 2018 comprised of members of a previous clan that wanted an organized war clan with non-rushed & reliable members. It was hard to abandon ship as we had built up our previous level 10 clan from nothing but we were unhappy with the way it was currently running, the lack of leadership and being the only donators and consistent war attackers, so we decided to start again and give ourselves something to work towards as well. New clan mates were added along the way and we clashed together. Currently we are at Level 10 and in Crystal League III in CWL.

    We are an International, English-speaking clan and prefer people that are at least 18. Currently, we are mostly TH 11s, some newly-upgraded TH 12s and other are TH 10s. We are accepting all TH levels, but for war, we could really use some TH 8s, 9s, and 10s to balance us out a bit. We will be consistently warring and working together to have things run smoothly and are open to suggestions on how we can accomplish this. We are not overly serious but we enjoy being strategic and expect everyone to pull their weight or try to actively learn and improve at the very least and not miss war attacks. We may not always use clean language and good banter is definitely welcomed!

    Rules *Subject to change

    • Must opt in/out of war on your profile when necessary
    • MUST Download LINE app for easier communication, especially for war (notifications help if you urgently need war troops or there is an update to war strategy or general clan message)
    • Follow the war strategy outlined in clan mail/in-game/on LINE
    • Must use both attacks in war (or left out of following war)
    • Must have all heroes available for all war attacks
    • Donate what is specifically requested if you have the appropriate troop levels
    • Keep a reasonable donation ratio (exception for lower THs and second accounts)
    • Participate in Clan Games and meet minimum points for current games (exception for second accounts)

    Hopefully you can help us to form a larger group of consistent war attackers!

    Mention you found us on the forums in your request.

    Clan Profile

    -Akemi (#2RPPP922R)

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    Still looking for new clashers. Come and join us.

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    Are there any war seekers? Do come and join us.

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