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Thread: Recruiting for CWL🔺TH 6 + for Cwl

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    Recruiting for CWL🔺TH 6 + for Cwl

    New clan TheWiseCowboys recruiting active players looking for players th6 and above for cwl


    ✔️ Active
    ✔️ Teamplayer
    ✔️ Any Town Hall lvl (For Cwl th6+)
    ✔️ Mature

    Who we are:

    A new War clan only started on the 30/07/19. We are full of members from different areas in the world an International clan.

    Clan Rules ( To be implemented by end of the week) :
    1) Must donate 50 troops a week
    2) Must not start causing drama on the clan chat e.g. Arguing, bullying, jealousy etc
    3) Must attack in war
    4) Opt in for war
    5) No asking for a promotion it is earnt on merit not begging.
    6) If TH9+ for wars you will be entered into a rota
    for filling cc spaces so some wars you will be expected to fill a few if picked

    How to get promoted :

    Promotion is earnt from numerous ways:
    - Continuous good attacks in wars
    - Donating more than the required quota eachweek
    - Helping others players out with attacks via in clan challenges
    - Being a team player

    My in game name is TheLegend TH9

    Clan Tag:#29PCQGUV0

    P. S. Please leave a message on request saying from forums

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    Can I join? I just started today. But I'm already maxed TH5.
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