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Thread: Small rebuilding war clan (14-10) 5 members (wars 24/7)

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    Unhappy Small rebuilding war clan (14-10) 5 members (wars 24/7)

    Hey guys, basically Im the Leader of a lvl 3 war clan called 6 Sword Nation and I have worked so hard recruiting everyday, Im literally on all day almost everyday and im looking for good war members who are active. We have good leadership but outside of that we have had members join, promise to be active, so we put them in war and then they flake out and leave. Now we have a bad record and no members. If you join and want to work hard you can work your way up and help us succeed! The game has changed so much, no one is loyal, active, and good at the game ... everyone is a hopper...

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    You should post in the forum linked below. And reddit. And stalk this forum. Hope it works out for you. Recruiting is hard.
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    Hey, any interest in a clan merge? We have a lvl 15 clan, chill, war often, cwl. Unfortunately activity has declined but we we remain active. We are looking for new members to be active and loyal. You get all the perks of a lvl 10+ clan. Check us out #82LLQQVC


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    I have a level 18 clan who wars 24/7 also offering a merge for your clan to join ours. We always complete clan games and most of us are mature adults. Clan name is Ssgian, my in game name is I lift bruh

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