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Thread: Seeking a Town Hall 12 - Siege Machines Needed

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    Seeking a Town Hall 12 - Siege Machines Needed

    We have an adult war clan filled with good attackers, ranging from TH 8-11. Our only problem is that we do not have a member with a TH12, thus no siege machines.

    We are seeking any TH12 member to join our clan because we are at a huge disadvantage without having siege machines in wars. We’re currently at a 4 war win streak and know that we can keep that going if we have siege machines.

    Clan Name: IPA House
    Clan Tag: #29LRCJOQC

    If you’re a chill player thats looking for an active but more laid back clan, IPA House is your calling. We’re very active with multiple members having 3,000+ donations per season. We’re about to reach the final tier of rewards in the clan games. Being a member of this clan will improve your overall experience playing this game.

    We hope you consider the IPA House! Cheers 🍻
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