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Thread: Mega update: Big Clans

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    Mega update: Big Clans

    Good Morning, As the title of the thread says, I think it is the perfect time, after "blue skies" for SC to put the batteries with the clans in future updates. Clans are the essence of the game: War, CWL, socialization, ranks, clan level ... they should do something that dramatically improves the player's experience within the clan:

    - Clan Base: a huge base that must be attacked among all the players of the clan, each compartment will give "sacred coins" to each player, which can be used to improve the defenses of the base. But that's not all, every star you win in battles can be redeemed for this currency. The more active the clan is, the faster the Base will grow.

    - New mode of War (Assault): In this new mode of war, only for hard and powerful clans, we will not only have to attack the enemy villages. Once the battle phase is over, the Assault phase will come: all clan players must attack the enemy Clan Base. Can you reach the top and get the rewards?

    - New capacity: up to 75 people.

    - Clan titles: get awards, stars in CWL, donate, and so you can equip yourself with a brand new title that will distinguish you from other members.

    - New clan interface: much more information, improved chat, etc.

    - Clan currency: currency used to improve the Clan Base, among other aspects. It's hard to get, but working as a team with your clan, you can do it.

    - Daily Clan Challenges: Achieve goals in conjunction with members of your clan, how about a joint attack on a large enemy base guarded by 2 giant dragons?

    Please, SC, exploit this aspect of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goku93 View Post
    Clan currency: currency used to improve the Clan Base, among other aspects. It's hard to get, but working as a team with your clan, you can do it.
    liked this idea , maybe leader / co can give few points to loyal clan member, with which they can buy magical item

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    I believe increasing the member count to 75 is ruled out and frequently asked. A clan base seems complicated to implement to the game considering you cannot play the same account at the same time.

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    This thread
    Yup right here
    Second to last one in clan related requests

    Other than that sounds like a good idea
    Good luck!

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    Great idea, but some ideas are ruled out, like increased member count, but sounds great otherwise!

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