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Thread: Valley: Daily Quests problem

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    Valley: Daily Quests problem

    When I closed my game on Thursday I’m almost positive I had 3/4 more quests to get to the last red chest and open it.
    However when I went in game yesterday morning all the boxes were shown as open, including the big chest at the end but I don’t recall getting the big prize...I know I have a bad memory but it’s not that bad that I wouldn’t remember getting a bunch of diamonds or boosters .

    Also the daily quest ‘button’ at the bottom right corner showed 3 in red and this morning after completing another 4 daily quests it’s showing 7 so somethings clearly wrong.

    Have tried closing and restarting.

    Anyone experienced the same or does someone from Supercell have a solution?
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    Yes! I have that all my chests are open and I also did not open them all. I have no more chests to open. I am showing a number in red in the same area. Everytime I complete a quest the number goes up. Kinda irritating.

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    The number in red is quests you do after the last box is opened-ie, they dont count, not really sure why theyre being counted at all. I managed to finish the chain but still got new quests on the last day, some of which I unintentionally completed when I was just trying to collect more tokens-and got that red no.count too. But I did get to open my last box, if you’re sure you didn’t, would try to contact support tho it sounds like that can be difficult, have to try a few times apparently but if its been happening to enough people maybe they can identify a glitch and do sth about it!

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