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Thread: ZoeyDiapers (#UYVGGUC) Level 17 Adult War Clan Recruiting Town Hall 10+

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    ZoeyDiapers (#UYVGGUC) Level 17 Adult War Clan Recruiting Town Hall 10+

    About us: We are an English speaking fair play clan that was established July 6,2015. Most of us are in our 30's and 40's and are serious about our wars, but not at the expense of having a good time. We are active in the Clan War League and clan games. When not warring, you can often find us sharpening our skills with friendly challenges. We war continuously starting approximately 7:00 pm CST (US time zone).

    Expectations: We do not want rushed or engineered bases. We expect you will have troop levels and defenses consistent with you town hall level. You will be expected to use both attacks using an attack strategy that gives you the best chance of 3 stars. Choose an opponent that gives you the best chance to 3 star, moving up or down as needed from your mirror. If you need help, feel free to ask for advice as we have some very accomplished clashers. Attack times are as follows: TH9 by 8 hours into war, TH10 by hour 16, TH11 by hour 20. Opt out if your heroes are down, you can't meet these attack times, or can't give 100% because of personal/work issues. No looting if stars are not cleared. Go farm on your own time. We do not have a donation policy per se. Ask for what you want as often as you want. Requests are usually quickly filled. If it becomes obvious you are only taking you will probably find the donations drying up. We are seeking similarly minded clashers. Clan hoppers are not welcome.

    How to apply: Apply in-game by referencing "CazTB forum ad" and with a proper introduction of yourself. If you fail to do this will rejected. If you have questions, PM me. If you would like to meet some others before joining, we have a Kik group that could answer a lot of your questions. Thanks for your interest.

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