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Thread: Looking for neighbor

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    Looking for neighbor

    Hi everyone im looking for neighbors ...i just started playing hayday im from southeast asia my level is 7 my tag #P8LLYQY92

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    HayDay should be a stress reliever, not an addition to your stress. We love to derby and we ask that if you participate in derby, you please take 320 x 10 tasks, simply opt out on weeks you are busy or want to take a break.

    It’s simple here, do 320 x 10 or be opted out for next derby.
    There will be no nagging or bullying during the derby regardless or progress or lack thereof.

    This is an ENGLISH SPEAKING neighborhood and English speaking members from around the world are welcome to join.

    So, if you:
    - like to help others
    - do 320 tasks
    - speak English
    - keep a steady stream of townies on your platform
    - are against derby bullying

    This hood was made for you!

    No strict rules other than derby requirements, just be respectful, communicate, and help.

    COME JOIN US and form part of our friendly family.

    *** here are a few additional facts about joining our family you may be wondering about:

    - Drama free team, looking for adults only.

    - Open to any time zone.

    - Feel free to opt out anytime you need. We understand life can be busy, or sometimes we all need a break, so there will be no kicking out for opting out.

    - You are not required to chit chat every single time you log in for a quick task pick up, etc. A “please" and "thank you" are not necessary every single time you help or are helped, (we all appreciate one another and we know that already) and that's what makes our team great!

    - We will aim to get all available horse shoes and remain in champions league, while enjoying the game at the same time...without the stress.

    - We will trash all low tasks regardless of how many we trash. We really don't worry about the worldwide leadership board. We also trash long time/resource demanding tasks (bacon, wool, goats milk, strawberries)...if you prep a task just leave a note in the envelope ❤️ And we will save it for you.

    - RSS is your shop. YOU decide how much you want to sell, to who and for how much. I personally notify when I have a full shop and you may buy anything and/or everything listed. If you need anything, let us know and if we have it, we will be more than glad to share.

    - Bird house - though we personally try to use it for current or upcoming tasks, and for crops to help with achieving gate. It’s helpful/necessary to ask for a few things here and there, as long as you do not abuse it and you help others too.

    - We are currently not using any Facebook or other 3rd app chat platform. For now,feel free to openly chat.

    - We look forward to having you on our team!

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    Hi everyone im looking for neighbors ...i just started playing hayday im from southeast asia my level is 7 my tag #P8LLYQY92

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