Seeing the postman coming up the drive always makes me ridiculously excited! I love getting the rewards of diamonds after a global, but get especially excited about deco rewards. I usually only purchase diamonds when there is an exclusive deco diamond package available.

But..... I always get disappointed with the gift cards offerings. I know they are 'free' and I should be grateful for any reward but still... Maybe I build my excitement and anticipation up too much, lol!

I am eager to get more of the lovely flower or log paths, but they never come and I have to rely on the wheel of fortune for any fix. I just have to be patient.

But, the point of my post is to suggest a radical overhaul of the rewards for gift cards. IMO there is not a lot more soul destroying than using 35 gift cards and ending up with a Purple Hydrangea or another birdhouse!! Please, please SC can we have something different? Or, could the current decos be priced in a catalogue so we can save and choose what we want?

I would pay lots for a Flower, Mushroom or Log Path.

A Hayday Deco Freak