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Thread: Tweak to royal abilities

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    Tweak to royal abilities

    With TH13 expected sometime later this year (or early next) we'll probably be getting another 10-15 levels for the royals. The royals abilities (royal cloak, iron fist and life aura) can't have new levels added indefinitely without them being too OP.

    So how about at some point, say around level 10 of the ability (AQ/BK level 50), the ability can be used twice, with reduced duration and troops summoned.

    For example, Royal Cloak would become -

    Ability Level Damage Increase Health Recovery Ability Time Summoned Units Ability Used
    10 (current) 1020 375 5.4 14 1
    10 (new) 1020 200 3.6 7 2
    11 (current) 1120 400 5.6 15 1
    11 (new) 1120 225 3.8 8 2
    And so on for the higher levels.

    Obviously the exact number would be set after extensive testing of the idea.

    What do you think?
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    Hmm, at first this seems like a real neat change but then I had second look over it.

    Back then:
    The kings ability gave him a bit more brute and hp to get him through a wall or cc troops

    The kings ability is still used for the same reason

    Back then:
    The queens ability was originally designed to lose defenses line of sight, so she doesn't die

    The queens ability is used for her damage and to give the healers a chance to keep up. This is better because she is as important in an attack as an eagle is in defense. If she had 2 chances of escaping defenses she would be nearly unkillable.

    2 lots of invincibilities, probably op. Imagine hog attacks, one ability for the town hall, the other for a double gibomb or something.

    The only real change I see is in the warden and queen.

    If the the queen stays up it often makes an attack. If it dies early, breaks an attack. Much like eagle on defense. As an important figure in an attack she needs to be played right, giving 2 chances for her to escape an a defense would just be too strong because:
    1) it basically gives the healers 2 chances to get her back to full health, which means less rages required for a queen charge
    2) continuing on it would make queen charges extremely solid and reliable.
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    The problem I see with this is the change from L60 to L65 is minimal, but the change from having the ability 1-2 times or even from 4-5 times would be a HUGE step change.

    People thought Queen higher than 40 would be OP, then 50 would be OP, then 60 would be OP... everytime they were proven wrong.
    TH13 defenses will all be higher level too remember, and the walls. I'll need a L75 Queen to shoot L14 walls anyway!

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    See Darian's response (hints) in this thread.

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