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Thread: Add a Friendly Battle Log.

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    Friendly Challenge Clan List

    Hello! I would like to introduce a feature that could vastly improve the current Friendly Challenge system. This feature will include a list of up to 150 Friendly Challenges (depending on the amount of members in the clan.)


    The FC log will allow for each member to "store" 3 different bases (they could be war bases, or they could be home bases, the player can decide.) These bases can be played an infinite amount of times by any clan member, similar to the Boom Beach system. However, unlike the Boom Beach friendly challenges, the FC Clan List can be used to keep any base a player in the clan posted, allowing for the base to be played anytime someone wanted to.

    If you want to replace a base after filling all three FC base slots on the list, you can swap one of the three bases out for another base. You will have to wait 24 hours until the new base replaces the base you selected to be removed (to keep the prevention of war base preparation.) During that time, whenever another clan mate wants to attack the base that will be removed, there will be a clock icon indicating the time left (Ex: 🕓 4h 56m) before the base is replaced. This way people can know when a base will be removed from the list, and so that people don't have one of their three bases missing for an entire day.
    The FC Clan List will be located in the clan menu (the place that you can edit the clan description, kick or promote members, etc.) The FC Clan List will be organized by player name rather than trophies, showing what TH they are next to their name, and the number of bases they have. They will also show a clock if a base is about to be removed.
    Ex: Banana-Base [TH 12] 3 🕓
    Clanwarperson:P [TH 5] 1
    Venom153 [TH 10] 2
    If you tap their name you can view their three bases in a similar UI to the base editor, except there won't be tabs for war and home bases.


    I hope you enjoyed reading this thread! I will update this thread if necessary. Anyways, keep clashing on!
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    This is a revised and updated version of a thread from three days ago. Please tell me what you think of the new changes, I completely rewritten this thread.

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