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Thread: Wrong number of troops in a BH attack

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    Wrong number of troops in a BH attack

    Started an attack for the wall buster challenge with full camps of minions, boosted my army and switched the minions out for the wall breaker guys. My bombers are lvl 2 think maybe i would normally have 12? Boosted they are level 16 and 5 per camp.
    The attack proceed as it should with 30 bombers, but when i was back in base and went to attack again, it said army was ready and when i entered battle i only had 15 bombers. The next attack i did I had the proper amount of troops, back to the 30 I should have had.


    It seems the game recooked my army size to what i had going into the last battle and did not account for the increase of army size when i boosted on the attack screen.
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    Same thing happened to me. I started my attack, selected all hog gliders, boosted my army, and attacked with only hog gliders. Then, after the attack and before the next attack, camps were showing 4x camps filled with hog gliders and 2x camps with baby dragons. I attacked (thinking I'll switch the baby dragons when the attack starts), but I only had 4x slots of hog gliders. After that attack and before the next attack, I removed the 2x baby dragons, selected hog gliders, and everything worked normally. I'm using android

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