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Thread: How to massage a friend on COC

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    How to massage a friend on COC

    Please I need how to massage a friend from my old clan group

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    I too would like to know how to give massages to my long lost friends in CoC

    You really have too much time on your hands :smirk:
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    Hello and welcome to the forums,
    Unfortunately, there is no messaging feature in clash (and your post will move to that area of the forums).
    To locate a player in a previous clan, without knowing the tag, go to, and search for that clan first, then in clan history, maybe you can locate your friend, and see where he or she is now... But that site does not record all players.
    Good luck.

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    If they were really your friends, you would have other means of communicating with them.

    The “friend list” should really be called “random strangers list”


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