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Thread: Need army compositions for th12

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    Need army compositions for th12

    Hello everyone, Im nearly maxed th12 ( heroes and walls done few def left) I have been using 7 edrags and 1 baby dragon and 12 balloons with 3 rage and 5 freeze and mostly loons on cc. I want to learn new strategies as the game is getting bore... please let me know with everything (I mean spells and num of troops etc) thanks for the replies

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    I forgot...
    Not giving you my secret recipe for free ... a good advice: ask your th12 friends, and practice with them. But if you are alone at your level, try checking your defenses. There again, if they aren’t interesting, push up to legend league, you’ll get some pretty good examples to try and copy. But, even if i’d give you my best combo: practice is what makes it work...

    I don’t and wouldn’t recommend youtubes, but that’s your choice. there again practice and base-reading abilities is what makes them what they are.

    Edit: my secret, to avoid being called an ‘edrag spammer’ I switch a few to regular dragons that’s all

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    As max th12 , following are the strategies which i am using

    strat 1 <Sui Lalo>
    2 archers , 1 giant, 5 wall breakers , 30 loons , 1 pekka , 1 baby dragon, 9 minions, 2 hounds
    3 freeze ,1 clone , 1 poison , 1 eq spell, 3 haste , rage (cc)

    Funnel >
    King on one side , pekka on another , deploy 1 giant+first test wb then using the remaining 4 , followed by queen<this takes down one section+taking down enemy queen>
    then use stone slammer / any other siege on other side (dont be picky with siege)
    deploy your cc troops with rage+clone+poison..<main aim is to lure cc + kill +take down few defences+enemy queen>
    then deploy your hounds+loons and place your remaining spells (ie freeze haste + i use EQ to activate TH) accordings
    use warden when TH goes down.
    {with this strat i get high % 2 star or 3 star}

    strat 2 <Queen charge hog>
    2 archers 3 loons 7 wiz 5 healers 1 miner 2 minions 26 hogs
    2 heal 2 rage 1 freeze 1 poison 1 eq spell rage/heal (cc)

    Funnel >
    funnel 1 side with pekka and another with king,
    coconut /test loon then deploy your queen with healers with ww
    (aim is to take down cc+inferno+enemy queen+TH[bonus])
    then deploy hogs + warden from other side , and use heal spell ,eq to activate TH
    {with this strat i get high % 2 star or 3 star}

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