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Thread: Builder Base Hero Ideas

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    Question Builder Base Hero Ideas

    There should be different hero's to choose from on the builder base. The Battle Machine does not work for everyone and from levels 1-6 ( from my experience ) he is useless, even as a tank. Just a thought, but maybe he could last a little longer against defenses? For example, if you are going against defenses that are a level 3 and your Battle Machine is a level 6 then those defenses should not be able to wipe him out so quickly. ( If that is already a thing then the times should be adjusted accordingly.) Or, as previously mentioned, there could be another hero or two to choose from? Having a hero that gets knocked out within 10 seconds, no matter where you put him, isn't useful and it costs too many resources to advance him for him to get knocked out so quickly. It basically makes it not worth even having him.

    These are just a couple of ideas, that I have noticed, would improve game play.

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    Sounds like you need to level up your Battle Machine and have your troops set-up better so the Hero is not being the only thing defense focus on.

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    You have to use him differently than the barber king. He is kind of a hybrid between king and queen. Not as tanky as the kind and not as much damage as queen. On my bh5, I drop him and a couple of carts to start clearing junk. Then trickle in giants and more carts to keep defenses from ganging up in the bm. Using l5 bm, l10 giants and carts as a bh 5 in the 2200 range. I routinely beat rushed 6s and 7s. Just a matter of learning good attack technique.
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