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Thread: Hero Icon Colour

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    Hero Icon Colour

    When I get attacked, sometimes the hero level (both the number on the icon and the number above the actual hero) has a purple haze on it? It pulses too.

    Is this because of the +5 hero boost?

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    Your brilliant new idea is already ruled out, here. Why CWL is straight after Season Pass ends, here.
    There's no matchmaking in CWL. Contact support, here, forum players can't always help.
    Current trader cycle. Before posting, are you just feeding the troll?

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    It is because of the hero potion. The only time it shouldn't really show the purple is if the heroes are maxed for the specific th or it's 65/65/40. And I love those hero potions...they do wonders if you are not maxed or just a new th8 and up. Magic at its finest.

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