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Thread: New Hero System for Townhall 13

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    New Hero System for Townhall 13

    Hello. So there could be a storage for different heros that you unlock on different townhalls. As an example at townhall 8 you unlock the Goldstealer. He has at the beginnig 1050 Healthpoints, he does 350 damage per second, his hitrate is 1.0, he just attacks ressource collectors like goldmines or elixir drills, he can do an stomp attack where he deals 800 damage to buildings in a radius of 4 squares. This hero is just an example of what is possible. At TH 7 you just have the king. At TH 8 you unlock the Goldstealer but you can just use one hero at one attack. At TH 9 you unlock the queen but have a limit of 2 heros at one time and it goes on like this. But the limits of the heros stay as they are right now. There could be a hero that has much health but does not much damage. A hero that has high range does much damage not much health and attacks really slowly. A hero that has a bit of health but can spawn troops that are strong like Giants but the spawnrate is really low. Another idea is to make for TH 13 an extra map just like builders village. It should be bigger than the area of the main village. The game should get complexity, combos should be important on TH 13. There should also be added new defensive buildings to all townhalls above level 8. Much players also want more events more troops. The game should be more challenging, it should be more complex, building a combo should be important. There is nothing that keeps you at playing the game. Thanks for reading

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    Your hero ideas are ok, but... Lower TH do not need new heroes.
    The hero grind to get to max is pretty rough now, and you actually want it to be worse?
    This would only benefit max players (like me) who are wasting loot they could dump into these heroes if added.

    There will not be a third village, they've said they have no interest in adding that.

    TH9/10/11 all get new content already, its called upgrade your TH

    Your brilliant new idea is already ruled out, here. Why CWL is straight after Season Pass ends, here.
    There's no matchmaking in CWL. Contact support, here, forum players can't always help.
    Current trader cycle. Before posting, are you just feeding the troll?

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