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I understand your point, and maybe the hidden effect will be this idea's downfall. But I came up with this part because I see that most TH12 max v TH12 max get 2 stars. High 2 stars if the attack was good, low 2 stars if it wasn't that good. With this feature I wanted to spread those a little more. Get a few more failed 1 stars and a few more 3 stars. But that depends on having scouted. Without the knowledge of the enemy's perks, the goal of this feature should be that you still have a good chance. I'm not saying +1000DPS, I'm looking for small adjustments. So that even if you attack with an army that's the WRONG choice, you can still get a good 2 star attack, which is what most max TH12 v max TH12's are anyways. But if you choose the RIGHT army, you have a little bit higher chance of getting that 3 star.

I totally understand what you mean though. I'm just saying that it shouldn't have as much influence as you are saying.
OP, Right now the game is fully balanced.
Manual versions change, not the game major version. Still balanced and cannot be changed
But if you want to change it, there is only one option and that is "TH13".
Find out more about TH13 views, maybe work for SC.

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Clash Casino, *OPEN*
"Let's attack this one." "Okay, turn the wheel and win!" *Clicks the wheel and wheel turns* "You have trained an air army and the wheel stopped at 'AD buff' so this means you don't win today. But come back tomorrow to try your luck again!"

Do you get my point?
This is right example..
I like your idea..
If "SC" decides to put it into play, can you give more information?