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Thread: Rebuilding The Ship! Looking for trust worthy Co-Leaders for upcoming Leagues and PL

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    Lightbulb Rebuilding The Ship! Looking for trust worthy Co-Leaders for upcoming Leagues and PL


    🎖️**ABOUT INTEGRITY**🎖️:
    ```Integrity is a lvl 12 FP COMPETITIVE WAR CLAN. It is an Indian Based Clan, with Hindi and English as a General Lang. Focusing on the events like : League Wars / Freindly Wars / Arranged Wars and Potluck.```


    💪TH9(40) Th10(60) Th11(80)

    ⚔️FC's ON JOIN



    🛐Respectful towards Seniors

    ✔️Able to use Discord

    📲Should be active on Discord, in order to response when needed```

    ⚔️**WAR RULES**⚔️ :
    ```1️⃣Opt in or opt out via in game profile. (Go Green or go Red)

    2️⃣Wars will begin after 12AM IST (Can change slightly cause people can get busy, but this is our goal spin time)

    3️⃣Must have hero(s) and spell factories up. If these are down opt out before spin time.

    4️⃣Use both attacks. You may attack +/-2 from your mirror. The goal is to 3, sometimes this isnít your mirror. Ask a CO for help.

    5️⃣If all targets you can reasonably attack are 3, you may ask a CO to hit up to loot and for practice. Donít just do this freely.

    6️⃣Do friendly challenges! Practice! Sometimes we have bases close to what your hitting.

    7️⃣Attack with a full Clan Castle. we got the troops and machines.

    8️⃣If your in the top 3, our goal is for our top 3 to take out their top 5. If your in the bottom half get your attacks in as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.

    9️⃣Donate max troops and what is requested. We have are lvl 12 clan and this means that alot of th10s can give out max troops. (If you are requesting troops for war please add in FW or War at the end of your request).```

    ↪️Apply via Discord↩️

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    Thumbs Up Recruiting for league friendly and potluck wars

    [Recruiting]🎖️Integrity🎖️ |🔹Level 13 |🔸#LGGUYQYV |🔹TH9 20/20 + Non-rushed |🔹Adults 18+ |🔸Currently Rebuilding |🔸Looking for trusted Co-Leaders |🔹League, Friendly & Potluck Wars

    **Level 13**
    **#LGGUYQYV** - **For Integrity related queries**

    Apply to join us via in game or in discord.

    **ABOUT US**:


    ⭕ TH9 25/20 Heroes + | TH10 30/25 | TH11 35/30/10 Non rushed with good war experience.

    🇮🇳 Indian Clan with back to back wars.

    💱 No donation ratio. Donate before requesting. Max troops for war.

    🎩 Experienced players able to advice and support.

    ☄️ Discord is mandatory.

    🤹 An active fair play Indian war clan, including light hearted people all over the chat room. We like to team-plan war outcomes and win together.

    📍 You should be familiar with different strategies in order to change your fate, intentionally failed attacks are not tolerated.

    📌 Just show up on time, make a plan with us and try to give your best. Able to accept advice when needed & try to improve your game, knowledgeable players are the key to success.

    🛡️ Members should Opt in for wars twice a week, No free stay & sucking troops here.

    **What you get**:

    🏆 Leagues, Potlucks , Friendly & Arrange Wars

    🏆 A chance for league play.

    🏆 Mature clan mates.

    🏆 Hype atmosphere.

    🏆 Organized Leadership.

    🏆 A fair play clan system.

    🎗️ To join visit our server or request in game. If rejected we're in war join our discord.

    🎗️ Integrated players of the era. Want to participate in league/friendly/events or potluck wars? Join the realm.

    TH8 - TH11 ADULTS 18+ Only

    Join us on Discord and find out more!

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