We are a Level 6 clan hoping to gain new members so we can participate in more clan wars. We have been doing 10 Vs. 10 wars and are trying to have enough members so we can start doing 25 vs 25. Looking for active and experienced members who can make our clan better.

We participate in all Clan War Leagues

Rules For Joining (Fatal Attack).
1. Must be Town Hall 6 at least!
2.Positive attitude
4. Very active/donates what is asked for at least 100+ a week
5. Uses both attacks in war
6.Elder/Co-Leader is earned not given so donít ask

Join Us:
1. Search for (Fatal Attack) has a red/green flag.
2. Clan Tag #PJ2LGPRJ
3. Leaders name is Jay and Co leaders are Flacko, and Ozone