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Thread: Level 18 loon-mini is OP

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    Level 18 loon-mini is OP

    Before you tell me to stop whining: I *use* an army of drop ships (either 4 or 6, depending on the base) and beta minions. Now that both are level 18, especially the minion with extra troop slots, I am getting more 100% attacks than I ever have before. I have attacks where I know I messed up the deployment and it still works out.

    Iím having fun with this comp and I encourage others to try it. But SC should probably re-balance in the next update.

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    What trophy count are you at? Are you getting 3 stars on maxed out bases constantly? While I would agree that Drop minion is a great army, it will only get you so far.

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    I tend to consider drop-minions my go-to army as well but still get the occasional attack that is a spectacular fail; there are always those attacks where the ABs/roaster ignores the dropship and targets your minions or where your minions fly right past a dropship ang right into an air mine. Against max bases, these sorts of issues (pretty often) result in a 1-star attack. That said, dropships are pretty consistent and do well overall, but in no way do I think they are OP.

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    I use that army a lot in the 4500 range. Sometimes it wrecks shop, other times things go sideways. It's a good army but as more and more L9 fire crackers are starting to cacth up I suspect it will start to be less OP as time goes on.
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    Nope. Not OP, OP. Use the same combo and not as many 100 higher up towards 5000. Bet ur down the slope a bit or the nerf winds were blowing in your favour
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    Give it more time - as people upgrade, you will start to see more max level defenses, and this won't seem quite as OP as it does for you now.

    Remember, you have a max BH9 army comp, and you're likely facing defenses that are mostly BH8 level and softer.

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    Why aren't you in the top of the leaderboard if they are so OP...?

    You are just facing bases with Bh8 defenses while you use BH9 troops..

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    i used the same army for long , then i changed to Barch , they do better in builder hall
    But for now i use 3 camp of cannon cart and 3 camp of raged barbarians , i never get less than 2 stars in BH 9 and range 4200 and above

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    Its not OP, not at all. I've had 100% too with that combo at 4500 range, but its very base dependent. There are certain setups you will never get 100% no matter how you attack it.

    There are also 100% exact copies of bases i see again and again which helps my wrecking of their bases.

    You cant call for nerfs until bases become maxed out. I've run into very developed bases and i can tell you for certain it makes a major difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigdome757 View Post
    What trophy count are you at? Are you getting 3 stars on maxed out bases constantly? While I would agree that Drop minion is a great army, it will only get you so far.
    Thatís the issue right there. OP, you are using a max army and mostly likely almost every attack is against a base that doesnít have max defense (and often may have a defense upgrading). SC doesnít need to nerf the troops when the upgraded defenses will be nerfing offense all on their own.
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