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Thread: Chit Chat UK Farm PLC282CV

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    Chit Chat UK Farm PLC282CV

    Chit Chat UK Farm PLC282CV is a great little hood in need of more active farmers! Anyone who speaks fluent English is very welcome.

    We are looking for daily players who are chatty and polite, helpful and cooperative, and willing to have fun!

    Minimum level 41+. But over 100 would be fabulous.

    The Derby: We are in the Expert League: we donít REQUIRE neighbours to take part, but if you opt in you MUST complete all tasks & only do 310+ point tasks. Spending diamonds to do the extra task is totally up to you.

    So far we are in the UK, Canada, and USA, but you are welcome no matter where you live.

    IF you speak/write English, and are looking for a friendly and cooperative hood!!! Come check us out!!

    For some reason I donít understand replies arenít working for this post but private messages are so please send one of those until I figure out why replies arenít working!

    Thanks! (My lack of technical skill on the forum in no way reflects how dedicated a Hay day player I am!
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