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    New th9

    I just entered th9 some months ago
    AQ 10
    BK 11
    PEKKA 4
    DRAG 4
    GOLEM 2
    LOON 6
    WIZ 6
    What should I upgrade and good army comps?!?! Pls help my clan needs me

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    Heroes for sure. Nothing can really compensate for high level heroes.

    But pekka, hound (if not done), and witch (if not done) are also very good upgrades each of which can open up TH9 attack strats. Hogs are also a good complimentary troop at TH9. I mean if you're talking about war comps.
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    Upgrades I would to (been at TH9 many times)
    Get the witch unlocked, and upgrade to L2
    Upgrade Queen to L15
    Golem to L3
    Upgrade King to 15
    war army, at TH9 that I find almost unstoppable is
    3 Golem 10 witch 5 wallbreakers
    1 rage 1 heal 2 jumps 1 poison
    CC bowlers and poison (or freeze if their war CC is empty)

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    You already have level 6 loons so I'd focus on hounds and would start learning lavaloon. You can 3 star any maxed TH9 with a well executed air attack even with baby or youg heroes. Moreover lavaloons is strong at any TH level so starting at TH9 will indeed help you for the future.

    If you don't like air you should upgrade hogs (same as lavaloon: a well excecuted kill squad-hogs attack is very very strong at any TH level). HPHB and HGHB are also strong ground attacks for the right base.

    Alternatives are upgrading witches and witch slapping or frozen witching around.

    A lot of possibilities, so it's just up to you :-)-

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    Ofc there are much comments about this , but i recommend you search some army strategies for wars based on your TH level on youtube and see which one you are comfortable with it and then try to upgrade them first , and my advice never let your heroes take a break , always put them on update cause they take more than a year to be maxed out assuming you are active player and constantly upgrade your heroes and townhalls after maxing them out

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