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Thread: I donít get the trophy thing

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    Angry I donít get the trophy thing

    How is it Iím supposed to advance as a TH11 past Champion League 1 to Titan League when Iím consistently offered to attack well fortified town hall 12ís for a lousy 4 trophies IF I 3-star, with a whopping -34 trophy penalty if my attack fails? I donít get it. It should be the other way around.
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    I haven't pushed up to Titan in a while, but plan on doing so again with my mini TH11 in the near future. I plan on nexting quite a bit until I find either loot I really want or a base I know I'll be able to succeed on.

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    There are several threads devoted to this I believe and one has an excellent write up of the trophy system. I'm too lazy to search for them but they are there. Long story short is the trophy system is a pyramid so the higher you get the more players that are below you on the ladder/pyramid. Since the trophies you gain/lose are based on the difference in trophies between you and the attacker/defender the higher you go the more likely you are to find someone below you offering lower trophies.
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    well that's just the fact , it's not a clan war which you would face a opponent with a same war weight , it's a higher league and you face much heavier and stronger enemy bases

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