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Thread: Legends League decent army/spell comps?

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    Legends League decent army/spell comps?

    Haven't been in legends league for very long (since late July), and I'm trying to find a decent troop/spell comp to trophy push.
    My highest trophy count was 5258 & I'm currently at 5157.
    I'm currently using an AQ walk/charge into a lavaloonian attack. This generally gets me 2 stars and anywhere from 50%-90+% damage.
    Only once have I 3 starred using this strat.
    My worst attack with this strat was a 20% dmg 0 star failure b/c I hit the attack button the 2nd time too quickly & my heroes were still regenerating. Silly goof by me; lesson learned.
    I've used a version of pekkasmash before, but was doing slightly worse with it than with the aq chg-lavaloonian.
    I'm wanting to consistently get 90+% dmg & 2 stars per attack with a decent amount of 3 stars thrown in for good measure.
    I realize that a troop/spell comp won't magically transform my numbers & get my trophies up, and that it requires execution.
    I'd like some troop/spell comps that will, if executed correctly, help me get my numbers up.
    You give me some troop/spell comps to work with & I'll work on the execution.

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    That’s the holy grail isn’t it? I’m not sure you’ll find it. In my legends defense log I have 3, 100% attacks against me and no other attack better than 80% 2 star. In my attack log I have 3, 100% attacks and 1, 99% attack and very few others over 80%. Im not the best by a loooooooooong shot but I’m probably pretty typical of most players in low legends like you.

    looking at the top 3 on the leader board all 3 have very different armies in camp right now. 1 has a queen walk hogs, another has EDrag loon, and the last has a Pekka smash type army.

    I think the key key might be finding what army you personally are good at that can triple a number of different bases and recognizing when you can get 3, then adapting for 2 on bases you know are set up to counter your specific army comp.
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    Sui LaLo, pekka smash, and QC hogs are the best armies right now. My armies for LaLo and hogs are as follows


    2 hounds, 5 wbs, 2 wiz, 1 bd, 10 minions, 2 arch, rest loons.

    4 freeze, 4 haste, 1 poison, 2 skele

    CC: loons, rage, slammer


    5 healers, 29 hogs, 1 miner, 2 minions, 2 archers, 7 wiz, 3 loons, 1 bd.

    3 heal, 2 rage, 1 poison

    CC: 2 ice golems, 1 bd, 1 eq, 1 freeze, wall wrecker

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