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Thread: Max reward for completing season challenges.

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    Max reward for completing season challenges.

    As it is created right now, there is no reward for those players completing all daily and weekly challenges throughout the month. The last week has been obsolete every time. Shouldn’t those players who are persistent enough be rewarded?

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    They are rewarded. So they give us more than necessary, so we can pick and choose, not having complete all.

    Would you rather have them have it that each and every task must be completed? If so, then what are those task that can universally completed by all players ?

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    I do think maybe every 100 extra points maybe get a minimal bonus such as 10/5 gems with gold pass. For example when you reach 3000 points you get 10/5 gems for it.

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    No. The season challenges already give you many many rewards for earning points.

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    The rewards are already there, you earn them through doing the challenges. Who cares if we do them all? Who cares if we don't? We get what we earn, period. We do not require brownie points for completing them all.
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    No. What about TH7s who are given "Use 8 valkyries in multiplayer battles"? This is a dumb idea as not every player can complete everu challenge.

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