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Thread: New Skills

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    And the problem with pay to win is that free to play players would feel bad becouse they HAVE to pay to get advantages in attack and this turns out badly and they quit the game. Not what Supercell wants.

    This is what happened with the game "Castle clash". The company is killing that game by making it pay to win. You have special overpowered Heroes which you can get for cash. Many players stopped playing it becouse it's unfair for players who don't want to pay.

    So this idea would be very bad for the Clash Of Clans future.

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    As said above supercell doesn’t want to make a pay to win game.
    But this can work only if skins would be available for free after some moments . or let's just forget about skins , they can some skills to each hero , in which you can chose how to attack and which skill to use before you start a war

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    NOT being pay to win was one of the first ways Clash of Clans hooked me. The second a game requires payment to obtain a special tool/ability/defense, I'm out. Not saying I haven't dropped money on this game, I have. But only because that special charm early on of knowing I could attain every useful bit of the game without money got me here.

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