Lords of Havoc: active, high level War clan

Lords of Havoc was founded on 11/24/15. We are an International clan with players from all around the world. The majority are US based.

We are a clan that does well in wars and CWL but we are not a hardcore war clan. We war back-to-back but wars are optional. You are welcome to opt in & out as you please. You will not be kicked for a failed war attack. (See War Rules for further information!)

A majority of our clan is TH9-12. We are very active with high donations. Most donations are in the thousands...

We are currently looking for TH10+ players who are friendly, active, and are interested in warring and clan games.

Whether you are a newer player wanting to improve your war skills with a group of friendly adults or an experienced veteran that's just wanting a tight knit clan, you can find a good home here.

Clan Level: 16
Clan War League: Masters III

Age Requirement:
You MUST be 18 years or older to join the clan. We don't want any immature players. You must specify your age when you send your request to join. You will be removed if you are acting overly immature in chat or in wars.

Be Active:
We want an active clan. We are looking for members who are active in donations, war (unless upgrading heroes) and clan games. We remove inactive members at the end of each season.

While you do not have to chat all the time, we do want to hear from you. Say "Hello" if you pop on to let us know you are alive and still kicking!

Donation requirements:
In order to ensure an active/donating environment, we require minimum troop donations per season based on town hall level. Players who do not meet donation requirements will be removed from the clan.

· TH 6-7: 600 donations
· TH8+: 1000 donations

What can I donate?
Max level troops are required for War requests. Otherwise, you may donate any level troops for farming/raiding requests. This gives our lower level players the opportunity to donate and meet the donation requirements.

War Rules:
We war back-to-back but wars are completely optional. Anyone is welcome to participate with the exception of rushed bases. See the "Rushed Bases" Section of this article.

Follow the war plan. High level war plans are given out at the beginning of a new war. You will be removed from war or booted from clan for repeatedly not following the war plan.
Use both attacks in war. You will be removed from war or booted from clan for repeatedly not using both attacks in war.
Learn from mistakes. We will never kick someone out for failing a war attack. We want you to learn from your mistakes, ask questions, try new attacks, etc…
We will be glad to help you improve but we expect you to put in the effort.

Rushed & Engineered Bases:
Although we want to give everyone the opportunity to participate in wars, there are exceptions. If you have rushed your town hall level way beyond that of what your offensive/defensive capabilities are, you will not be able to participate in clan wars until your offense/defense is caught up to your town hall level.

Engineered bases are considered rushed bases.

Ultimately, the final decision in these situations will be up to the clan leaders and will be based on how you do in war.

Clan Games:
We always max out the clan game rewards, often within the first day or two.

We want active members in the clan and want everyone to participate in Clan Games. This helps the entire clan to get the maximum rewards. Participation is not mandatory but if we see a pattern of someone doing minimum effort to get the rewards, that person will be removed from the clan. We prefer that you not participate at all vs. doing the minimum.

Clan War League:
We are currently doing the 30v30 format to give everyone an opportunity to get medals and participate as much as possible. We do rotate players in/out based on performance and the expected match up.

Elder/Co-leader ranks:
If ranks are important to you, you may want to look elsewhere. Do not ask or expect to be an elder immediately when joining our clan. Elder is earned by being an active, long term member who participates in war & clan games and helps out others in the clan. Most of our elders were in the clan 6-12 months before getting promoted.

We typically only have 4-5 leaders in the clan so a new lead only occurs when a current one leaves or steps down.

Requirements Recap:

*Age: 18+


*Be Active: Chat, donate, war, clan games...

*Must meet the minimum troop donation per season based on TH level.

*Wars are optional but you must follow the war plan and use both attacks if you are in war.

*Clan Games are optional but encouraged. We want to see more than minimum participation to get rewards.

To Join:

Send your request in-game and mention you’re from the forums & be sure to specify your age, this is how we filter out spammers/hoppers to keep a clean environment.

Players who don't mention the secret word "Forums" or do not have a valid reason for wanting to join are automatically filtered out as a spammer.

Lords of Havoc

Clan Tag: #8LJ222RL

*Our members are on throughout the day and requests will be answered as soon as possible.

*We look forward to meeting you in game!

Thanks for your interest.