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Thread: reduce cost for buileder base storage upgrades

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    reduce cost for buileder base storage upgrades

    as loot in builder base is comparatively low and upgrades are plenty costlyand it takes whole day to get loot again . also storages are very costly like 25lakh resource to lvl 9 and 20 lakh to lvl 8... it takes almost 4 days of loot to upgrade a storage .. not a fair play .. storages should be low cost upgrade .. plz review my feedback

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    My eyes hurt just from reading it.
    Look, I also donīt like the fact that you can only get a relatively low amount of loot every day. But there are many players who have everything maxed and didnīt spend a single dollar on it. You just have to invest enough time into BB, if you really want to improve. Buy a gold pass for a 20% discount on buildings, if you can spare five bucks. Come back to BB every day and you will soon see a difference.

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    the BH doesn't have much things to upgrade compared to main hall , if the prices gets reduced then there won't be challenging and fun enough , also try to increase the trophy , it won't be MUCH change in the loot but it's better than nothing .

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    The cost of upgrading stuff on Builder Base is balanced by the amount of time it takes to upgrade it.

    Generally, there is only a need for one builder.

    If you purchase extra loot runs, then you can occupy OTTO, otherwise you’ll only be able to use the extra builder some of the time.


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