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Thread: Beating the stupid eagle

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    Beating the stupid eagle

    Im just beginning to encounter the eagle artillery on a regular basis. Anyone have a stat that helps.? These things tend to destroy my army before I really get moving very far.

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    There really isn't a "strat" other than making it a priority on every attack. Whatever army you choose, you just have to decide your best/most efficient way to get to the EA. Most of the time you can use your siege machine to clear a path to it if your on ground. Save your warden's tomb to take a hit, or even drop your king early away from your main army and he will take the first bomb. It takes time to learn.

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    also you can take freeze/heal spell + press warden ability at the right moment
    (i usually save it , and press when ea's rocket is about to hit me for the second time)
    Kill squad should aim at taking down EA+CC+queen+inferno(is a bonus)

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    Since you are just beginning to encounter them, I'd advise having more freeze spells in your comp then you're used to, until you learn how to take it out/deal with it.
    Once you figure it out, then you can bring less freeze spells or none at all.
    There are multiple ways, as others have already mentioned in the thread.
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    When I hit TH11, I made getting the warden to level 5 a priority, specifically to unlock the ability for the eagle. Once I was there, I tried to use the ability early (on the first eagle hit) to protect the max amount of troops possible.

    Also, as someone else mentioned, the freeze spells come in handy. You need to get the timing right on these. Ideally, you want the spell to hit right before the first fire, as it will reset the eagle's timer.

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    If the base design allows for it, queen charge to take out EA is another option.
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