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Thread: RAVENS | War Clan | TH10+ Active War Members

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    RAVENS | War Clan | TH10+ Active War Members

    Ravens (#2QVVP89V) is recruiting!

    480+ WAR WINS | Clan Level 17 | Masters 1 CWL | Back-to-Back Wars | Independent Clan

    We are looking for non-rushed, TH10+ members with (at minimum) the following requirements:

    TH10: Max TH9 defenses. 30/30 heroes.
    TH11: Max TH10 defenses. 40/40/10 heroes.
    TH12: Max TH11 defenses. 50/50/20 heroes.

    We are a North American, English speaking clan, who operate within these time zones.

    What can we offer in RAVENS?
    Ravens is a 100% Fair Play adult war clan. We are friendly and supportive, and play alongside experienced leadership and strong WAR members. The whole clan must take part in clan games, and we encourage active members and donations. No donation requirements, although the higher the better. We have a strong core group who are all triple happy, and we would love to have you join the team. Upon joining, we will ask you to cook a war army and do a few FC's against a TH your level to assess your skill and eligibility for WAR.

    We War to WIN!
    We are a dedicated war clan, and we love to win (and often do!). We have a strong core of HIGH LEVEL TH12 members, who are here to donate sieges, clean up bases and triple bases. We’re happy to talk war plans with you, and all we really want is just a good old-fashioned 3-star attempt, fail or not, it's always best try. Mistakes are part of the game; we learn from them, and adapt to them.


    Apply in game! Send a request with something along the lines of 'Came here from the forums', or 'Saw the recruitment ad' and we'll assess your profile. Please bear in mind DISCORD is a MUST to be in our clan, as we discuss war plans, assign targets during CWL and often communicate via this app. Our Discord server is You don't have to have it upon joining, but will need it down the line if you want to be a full-time Raven. You can also find our clan with this link:

    We look forward to seeing you in-game!
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