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Thread: Raged Barb AI issues.

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    Raged Barb AI issues.

    We all complain about AI in just about every troop, but i saw 3 instances which made me start this thread.

    The first 2 were in same attack where 3 barbs took 1 swing at a double cannon, disengaged from hitting the cannon & ran completely around it, around a wall opening, past a multi mortar to hit a archer tower on the other side of a wall. I dropped 3 more further out - they did the same, hitting the star lab next to the double cannon for 1 swing, then disengaged their attack, ignored the double cannon next to it to run around the opening in the wall, past the multi mortar to attack the same AT.


    In my very next attack, several barbs finished a barracks on the outside of a corner section of wall. On the inside of the section was an AT. There was no other section attached to it- it was a trap opening previous barbs had already set off. The barbs instead of running in to attack the AT, ran around the corner to attack a gold mine which was further away.

    i can never seem to attach pix/video from my iPad but screen shot the attacks in question.
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