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Thread: Please make the builder base optional

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    Please make the builder base optional

    The builder base was supposed to be optional. Which was fine because it's not fun, and if like me you messed up your initial research, catching up to a viable comp takes forever.

    But iin fact the builder base is mandatory:
    - for clan games
    - for the gold pass (otherwise you get the speed bonuses much later, and lose a good chunk of their duration since they're fixed-date, not fixed-duration)
    - for the extra home base builder

    I find myself spending more time in that chore than in the actual game I want enjoy playing and want to progress in. You could at least count draws as wins to make to ordeal a bit quicker. And lower the daily requirement to 2 wins.

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    it's optional as you can do everything above without going to builder base. that's what optional means.

    one may say that make clan wars and cal optional because they don't like it. they just want to do trophy push. but there are tasks to do it and progress faster.

    and so on ...
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    or remove it completely from clash and release it as a separate game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by obarthelemy View Post

    I find myself spending more time in that chore than in the actual game I want enjoy playing and want to progress in. You could at least count draws as wins to make to ordeal a bit quicker. And lower the daily requirement to 2 wins.
    I don't think that the 3 wins ask you more than 15 minutes/day. You should see the Builder Base as a tool to improve your main base.

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    I'm not a fan of BB, never was since it was released. But my 2cents worth....

    1. If u like me that has multiple accounts, with low BB bases > this is ideal for me to easily do clan games tasks.
    2. Free gems (who can say no to this)
    3. I can do without the 6th builder as I have been for the past 6 years.

    Its optional is it not?

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    If you want to maximize your progression speed, you have to play every part of the game. However, there remains (and always should remain) no competitive advantage to the BB--a maxed base is the same regardless of BB progress (now with the exception of a single builder hut). This is all perfectly reasonable to me, and exactly how it should be.

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    The Builder Base IS optional.

    If you ignore it completely, it'll be a bit harder for you to complete Clan Games, but not impossible.

    If you ignore it moderately, you woun't get a 6th builder any time soon.

    If you don't ignore it, things are timed so that you'll get the 6th builder around the time you turn TH10.

    Builder Base isn't needed for Gold Pass, but it WILL provide an additional 20 points a day + whatever weekly challenges there are.

    You will get to 2600-2900 points, even if you don't do all the challenges, it'll just take a few days more.

    So .. please tell me why you should have the same benefits, ignoring a part of the game, as somebody who actually plays the entire game?

    No, Builder Base isn't going to get removed (there are enough players that pay or have paid good money for their progression on Builder Base, that it would have an impact on the game as a whole, if Builder Base is removed) .. think of it as "throw away all your $1 bills, because nobody wants $1 bills .. you can't even buy a decent dinner for $1 so there is no use for them!" .. SuperCell isn't going to throw away money, just because you don't like a certain part of the game.

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    I guess I need to refamiliarize myself with the definition of "optional"... BB has never been nor will it ever be mandatory. It is entirely possible to max out your main village without spending a second in BB. BB offers some incentives to make upgrading MV a bit easier, but it is not mandatory.

    I'm not a huge fan of BB myself and so I get where these threads come from. There are days where it can take me over 30 minutes to get my 3 wins (I've come close to an hour some days) and yes, that is not my idea of fun. That said, its usually just a 10 minute chore to knock out which is fine. There are also days where I just have no drive to do it, so I might push for 6 wins the next day or just forego the loot, both are options, nothing is mandatory.
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    It is not mandatory for clan games or the gold pass.

    It is mandatory if you want the 6th builder. Life is tough, deal with it.

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    Relax people, he doesnt like it - neither do i, but i “game the game” & keep my BH7 at 2000 cups to blow thru CG challenges quickly as possible.

    You dont need to answer, especially with attitude, just let this thread die.

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