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Thread: Monster fish in event

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    Quote Originally Posted by HayDayBigfan View Post

    Than you very much
    I never pay attention about the fish under the lure before.

    The 2nd picture is for small / normal size fish?
    The fish (or the shadow) is allways the same size. It's all about the size of that circle.

    And yes, the first picture is an event fish circle and the second one is the small circle for regular fish (different species have small, medium or large circle).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zikura View Post
    I think popularity of game is going down, last global event players are not able to reach global goal and in this event 3 hrs left, I don’t think we can reach global goals
    Events proved you wrong, but nobody will hold it against you, friend! *happy diamond dance*
    I don't think it's the popularity, more due to summer holidays, more expensive wifi charges etc.
    My own guests enjoy free, unlimited wifi service, of course *wink*
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