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    Hay Day Game Designer Camilla Featured in the Supercell Careers Page

    So I'm surfing the Supercell website to read about the latest news about its games and I clicked the careers page to see which positions Supercell is trying to fill. A previous trip to the SC careers page last year revealed that SC was hiring an Anti-Fraud Data Scientist to combat bad behavior from some players who disregarded the TOS.

    This time the Supercell careers page has spotlighted two employees: the Game Analyst working on Team Clash Royale in the San Francisco office and the Hay Day Game Designer. Both Supercellians offered fascinating insights about themselves and the roles they play at Supercell.

    Camilla shared this gem: "...Casual games are near and dear to my heart, as I’m not a fan of competition. My biggest desire is to make joyful, peaceful experiences that are still interesting and challenging."

    Here's the link to the video in which Camilla talked about a typical day at Supercell including her role and duties on Team Hay Day, the perceptions of making casual games, being a woman working in the industry, her role models, and advice to those who would like to get into the gaming industry.

    August 18, 2019
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    What the hell?
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    Thanks for posting , really enjoyed the clip!
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    Thank you, Lynn!

    I really treasure Camilla. Her philosophy on game design creates the kind of game I WANT to play. She has been such a gift to Supercell, and to me, personally, as I utilize Hay Day to reduce severe, chronic pain and enjoy sweet companionship and love in my NH and among friends. Thank you, Camilla!
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    Camilla is a gem!! She is a big cornerstone here in the Hay Day team, keeping design decisions and plans on path!


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