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Thread: Valley Fuel Suns

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    I don’t mind the duck/lobster so much but I had that as a sun task fir three days running which was hard. I don’t mind the crops either but like Besta if I can’t complete the sun tasks I save my fuel for the next day.

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    I donít mind duck/lobster, need them a lot anyway so it balances out, the fishing net is awful tho-its good for 20 but after that...every spot is now filled and I cant even get 100/200 fuel because of it, they take far too long-there doesnít seem to be any balance or thought or plan behind the tasks we get, Chili is by far the worst planting one for me. It would be nice if they changed every 12 hours so you didnít have to destroy your farm for 6 fuel.

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    With chicken task you get 1 sun point for 5 chickens. With general feeding task you get 3 sun points for 10 chickens (or any other animal).

    To me this is a bit illogical. Why would the ratio be better in general feeding task than for a particular animal? Chicken feeding task is already one of the worst sun point task :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by zetis View Post
    I think that there's a big mismatch between different ways of collecting sun points. How easy it is to place 5 duck and 5 lobster traps compared to fishing 50 times. Or feeding 500 chickens.

    Or planting 50 chilis compared to 1000 carrots.

    Sure, one can calculate that you can earn equal amount of points in given time but one requires only few minutes of playing and another requires constant playing for hours.

    Also, i really dislike derby sun collecting task after one has already finished derby. And fishing with net.. Why would I do that? It's really unefficient and I have more than enough fish with lures. And there's a constant shortage of fethers and lobster tails.
    Yes suns for derby tasks after finishing all of the Derby tasks is very frustrating.

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