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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinkerer101 View Post
    Many COC MOD APK users complain about being unable to play in our LEAGUE , I don't use Mod APK's
    good that you dont use them because they are forbidden and to talk about them on forum is prohibited as well.

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    Guys am new to TH12. Just 2 hours ago 😊.

    Done my Lab, CC and now I have 4 builders on Camps.
    A bit confused about 5th builder. Keeping CWL in mind , should I invest the 5th builder to upgrade my Heros (Queen) or should I finish maxing my TH weapon before CWL. Suggestions welcomed please and thanks 😊.
    I only have 5 builders. 6th on it's way!
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    Implying that a player can not max without modding violates rule 21.

    Continued mention of mods is covered by rule 6.

    Let's get back on topic please.

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    I am maxed and never spent anything. Currently working on bh and a th11 and th10 as well as doing legends attacks on main. Plenty to keep me busy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adoniso View Post

    I’m maxed and I’m bored.

    8 attacks in Legends League isn’t keeping me gripped. I need something to aim for.

    Please could you add in another round of walls?!? At least it’d give me something to do!
    Sounds like you either need another account or another interest. Once you are maxed, there’s not a ton to keep you occupied like when you are grinding away on your base. I’m close to maxing my second base, and might take a little break afterward. Just not much need to being online a ton at that point.

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