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Thread: 3 Accounts Looking for A Clam

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    Hey PJ Happy Hour would love for you to come and join us, We meet everything your looking for and would love for you to become become apart of our clan. We are level 14 and crystal 2

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    Head over to our L12 Clan. I updated out thread below with info on games! Would lobe to have your accounts there!


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    PRISM - LEVEL 15 [#8YC8PP88]
    Main clan requirements:
    - English speaking only
    - Strictly adults only
    - Confident war attacker
    - TH9 (50 combined hero’s)
    - TH10 (60 combined hero’s)
    - TH11 (80 combined hero’s)
    - TH12 (100 combined hero’s)

    Second extension clan welcomes:
    - English speaking only
    - Strictly adults only
    - TH8 (maxed with level 10 King)
    - TH9 (20 combined hero’s)
    - TH10 (40 combined hero’s)
    - TH11 (60 combined hero’s)
    - TH12 (80 combined hero’s)

    We run CWL in both clans meaning everyone who’s interested can be part of it, no one gets left out! We ALWAYS achieve MAX tier on clan games and WAR CONSTANTLY, you can opt out whenever necessary. No war pressure, just follow the war plan and use both attacks accordingly.

    We have a KIK group where we chat (it’s much easier than the in game keyboard and keeps your number private). It is mandortory for war as we discuss and post war plans there.

    We are a very active and competitive group, we like to win; however we play this game for fun alongside our busy schedules and jobs. Thanks to both clans being international (mostly USA/UK), donations are never left hanging and we friendly challenge for practise, there’s always room for improvement!

    If either clan sounds like the right clan for you, just mention ‘Lea in forums’ upon joining.

    For any interest in clans merging, please add me on KIK to discuss further.

    My tag #2RQ9VUPV2
    KIK: LeaAtPrism

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    Looking for active Clashers
    OMEGA PANTHEON - A level 10 clan focused on WARS CWL and CLAN GAMES (UQR22GVP)
    The Clan:

    OMEGA PANTHEON is a semi-serious war clan with a focus on clan games. We war 24/7 and max games every time.

    We're a friendly group that prioritizes continually improving ourselves and others. If you need farming tips, attack reviews or just to whine about your boss, ask and ye shall receive. We don't judge here, and although we do run a tight ship, we're not itching to kick everyone who doesn't get a 3 star with every war attack. However, what we do expect is using both attacks in war and be open to feedback. We want people that are active in either clan games or war.

    In essence, what we're looking for are people with the right attitude, looking to chat after a long day, GIVES more than they TAKE and to
    enjoy the game. Just don't be that guy that doesn't donate, misses their war attacks, gets a grand total of 0 for clan games and is as talkative as an Easter Island stone head. Oh, and common sense is a highly sought after commodity. If you have it, please do join us.

    Important Stuff:

    Donations: Try ta fill requests asap with what's been asked. We don't have donation ratios, but we do want active contributors.

    Fighting: Don't. Just don't. We expect a certain level of maturity from our members. Respect everyone. Personal insults are a no-go.

    Investments: "He who giveth, will receiveth hundredfold" I'm quite sure I mangled whatever saying that was meant to be, but yeah, please don't be that guy who's th11 with max troops and refuses to donate to war ccs. Or that guy sitting at 0 for clan games. We all pull our weight here.

    Have FUN!

    Many of our members max clan games points within one day!

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