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Thread: FRIENDLY FUN FLYERS- looking for others to come fly with us too ✈️✈️✈️✈️

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    FRIENDLY FUN FLYERS- looking for others to come fly with us too ✈️✈️✈️✈️

    Green disc with purple horse

    ABOUT US- we are a newish hood 5 weeks in and 4 gold trophies (despite only being 5 of us)
    First week in champions league done, finished 8th even though power derby and only 5 of us!!!!

    OUR AIMS & RULES- we are very active and helpful to all. 320/400 tasks. If your busy and cant complete all tasks one week please opt out.
    Keep revives for help tasks (except nectar bushes)
    We are English speaking.

    MINIMUM LEVEL - 30 ( although we are all much higher)

    If you feel youre a happy fit then we would love you to come and join us!
    Hope to see you soon
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    Bump. Still looking for new friends

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    Currrently 1st in expert league even though it not 6 of us. Can me take a look

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    Still flying in expert league. Check us out!
    Hope to see you soon

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    4weeks in, 4th gold trophy. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.
    check us out!
    Love to see you soon

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    Minimum level to join reduced to 30! Trying to attract some new neighbours. We really are a friendly bunch!
    Wed love you to join us

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    Farming is so much more fun with friends! Wed love some more friends!!!!
    Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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    Bumpety bump

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    Bumpety bump

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    Wed love to see you soon!

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