New War Clan recruiting Th9 and above

New clan Ghostwalkers recruiting active players looking for players between ideally Th9 - Th12


✔️ Active
✔️ Teamplayer♥
✔️ Mature♥

Clan Rules ( To be implemented by end of the week) :
1) Must donate 50 troops a week
2) Must not start causing drama on the clan chat e.g. Arguing, bullying, jealousy etc
3) Must attack in war♥
4) Opt in for war. (If opted out won't be selected)♥
5) No asking for a promotion it is earnt on merit not begging.♥

How to get promoted :

Promotion is earnt from numerous ways:
- Continuous good attacks in wars
- Donating more than the required quota each week♥
- Helping others players out with attacks via in clan challenges♥
- Being a team player

My in game is Ghost TH12 (master 3 rank)

Clan Tag:#29LL98P2V