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Thread: Queen out of mind?

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    Queen out of mind?

    Hey all,
    in the last days i’m getting more and more confused about the queen‘s attacking, but today im almost raging about the course of my attacks.
    Just for example, please take a look at this:

    I got there 2 questions:
    1. Why does the Queen destroy the wall?
    2. Why she prefers the bomb tower instead of the closer lying townhall?

    I just can’t find any explanations at all.
    Conjecturally this has to be a BUG..
    (or am I stupid?)

    I’m realy looking forward for your assumptions or perhaps some BUG Fixes.

    Best regards, Snow

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    1. she chased the enemie lavapuppie.
    2. because it is the rule of 3 and bombtower was the nearest to reach with jump. maybe if the jumpspell wasnt there the queen would have targetted the th first.

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