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Thread: Valley bug, crashes app

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    Valley bug, crashes app

    Hi, My truck is parked where Ifinished at a house yesterday, and this morning my tasks have refreshed. So I went to my start, and wanted to complete a task at this house. Doing so, I crash out completely from hay day. The task has a group chicken task associated with it if that makes a difference...
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    Since Today ... the same for us 2
    "crash out completely from hay day" trying to complete a multi user task.
    I notice it was reported 4 days ago ... congrats SC !

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    Similar happening to me. Anytime I try to complete a valley request it crashes. Hopefully SC patches this soon.

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    Seem to be a few issues today. Hoodies trucks keep returning and using fuel but not getting the tokens.

    Also I’m sure I had one last red chest to open when I went to bed last night but it’s showing as open this morning. Know my memory is bad but I’m sure I would remember getting that last big reward.
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    Stessa cosa.. Sono ferma perché se clicco per completare la richiesta, esce dal gioco

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